What is the concept behind FIL?

FIL stands for: Fabulous Image Lifestyle. The concept was to gather the expertise of the combined 40 years of experience of the founders in this industry in order to set a service level that was above the norm. FIL also promotes skin, body & spa as part of a Lifestyle. Hence the name, FIL – Fabulous Image Lifestyle.

FIL's Brand Values.

FIL core values are to deliver Acclaimed Service, Optimum Quality, Astute Professionalism, Advanced Technology and Effective Results.

How does FIL stand out from the rest of the competition in the market?

In terms of “service differentiation”: we ensure that consumers experience & see for themselves the difference in committed service levels, genuine results & value for money. In terms also of brand building: we have consciously ensured a brand image that conveys what FIL’s business ideals stand for – Service, Quality, Professionalism, Technology & Results. That’s why we have our own training academy & product line, in order to ensure our customers a consistent high standard of the FIL experience.

For whom does FIL cater beauty & wellness services?

In today’s society, beauty & wellness services are no longer viewed as a luxury. FIL’s customers are men & women of all ages who have incorporated beauty and spa services as part of their lifestyle. They recognize the value of personal grooming and de-stressing, and choose the FIL experience because of consistent high standards of service, quality, professionalism & results.

What are some of the more popular treatments?

Skin treatments popular with both male and female customers at FIL are the ClearSkin Regime, which provides an effective solution for acne and scarring, the Face & Neck Slimming / Contouring Treatment pioneered by FIL also shows visible results of slimmer and firmer cheeks, neck and an accentuated jawline. Of course anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation therapies are also highly requested as sun damage & pre-mature ageing are common symptoms of our stressful urban environment. 

Countless customers have achieved their ideal figures and enjoyed lasting results with the FIL’s Ultra Slimming techniques. In addition to weight loss, our body treatments also focus on stimulating the metabolism and restoring sluggish systems to balance. Emphasis is also placed on de-toxification to eliminate impurities & water retention caused by poor diets or lifestyle. Spa treatments are popular with both men & women who want to take a break from their hectic schedules. Skilled therapists blend the expert human touch with premium spa products and technology to heal the body, calm the mind & rejuvenate the soul. FIL Spa features exclusive treatments such as the unique Nutmeg Treatment for relief of deep aches & pains, as well as the therapeutic Vichy water treatment, which originated in France.

Why and how does FIL create its own product line?

Having the passion and a combined 38 years of experience in the industry, FIL’s founders are highly tuned in to customers’ needs and requests. In order to deliver quality results unique to FIL, we have to use only premium quality products. And rather than just depending on external sources, FIL decided to create a product line manufactured in the US, using proven botanical extracts, potent yet gentle hypo-allergenic ingredients to deliver the unique FIL standards.

How do you come up with FIL exclusive treatments & products?

We train our staff to apply the best treatments for our customers at the FIL Beauty & Spa Academy to impart more than knowledge and skills. FIL aims to foster a passion for the principles behind each treatment, as well as a spirit of professionalism to deliver only the very best. At FIL, we consider ‘therapy’ to be something that must reflect sincerity and quality of both therapist & our company. This combined with our efforts to continually upgrade staff knowledge of latest & most effective techniques & ensure unique results. That is the complete FIL experience.

FIL's Achievements.

It’s been 16 years since FIL’s inception and we have managed to build up our database of regular clients to more than 20,000. More than half of these are long term loyal customers. This steady demand has allowed FIL to expand from one outlet in Ogilvy Centre to 4 outlets all throughout the Orchard Road & Shenton Way areas. The latest branch accommodates the re-located Ogilvy branch under the 7,000 sq ft Flagship premises at Far East Finance Building (Robinson Road). In addition, FIL Beauty & Spa Academy has been steadily growing and provides quality training by internationally certified trainers, from basic to advanced levels in beauty, spa and nails. The majority of those enrolled in the Academy are members of the public who wish to either upgrade their skills or enter into the industry.

FIL's Corporate Identity & Branding.

FIL’s corporate identity is made up of two elements: 

Firstly, the corporate logo, which clearly states the service areas of the business in a compact & clean design.
Secondly, the FIL icon, which is a visual representation of the business in terms of services and brand promise.
The lighted central face visual emphasizes the clear, smooth and healthy appearance that our skin treatments aim to deliver. The arched, contoured bodies that flank the face reflect the aim of our body treatments. The overall look and feel establishes a calm tone of wellbeing that our spa services aim to provide. This visual representation of our business has been highly impactful as recall rates are extremely high and it communicates both our business and its values in a manner that rises above all language barriers.