FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence has a range of specially developed products to suit the various skin and body types. Our Innovative skin care and body care products allow you to achieve the complexion and figure of your dreams with regular use.

FIL Clear Intelligence Range

This clinically formulated range is targeted at combination and oily, blemish-prone skin. The non-irritating and non-drying products cleverly balance the skin’s pH, sebum secretion, moisture and oxygen levels. Pores are tightened and blemishes are cleared within days.

Deep Cleansing Milk for Combination & Oily/ Blemish-prone Skin

  • Effectively cleanses pore-clogging impurities, oil and make-up
  • Fights against formation of blackheads and bacteria while clearing and preventing development of blemishes

Purifying Wash for Combination & Oily/ Blemish-prone Skin

  • Cleanses pore-clogging impurities, oil and blemish-causing bacteria

Astringent Lotion for Combination & Oily/ Blemish-prone Skin

  • Purifies skin while fighting against formation of blackheads and bacteria to reduce blemishes
  • Has pore-tightening, soothing, toning, anti-oxidizing and moisturizing effects

Oil Control Serum for Combination & Oily/ Blemish-prone Skin

  • Purifies and refines skin's texture to prevent shine while providing long-lasting oil-control

AcneFree Cream for Acne Skin

  • Specially formulated to treat acne vulgaris, sensitive acne prone skin, oily skin and seborrhoeic conditions

Blemish Spot Gel for Blemish Spots

  • Prevents breakouts by fighting against bacteria and propioni bacterium acnes, the germ that causes acne
  • Has anti-oxidizing, antiseptic, calming and toning effects

Purifying Mask for Oily & Sensitive Skin

  • Has anti-bacterial properties that fights against propioni acnes, the germ that cause acnes
  • Has pore-tightening effect, thus greatly enhancing skin’s tone and firmness while reducing excess sebum secretion

PuriMax Serum for Combination & Oily/ Blemish-prone Skin

  • Provides All-day protection against bacteria attack
  • Reduces redness with its excellent soothing and moisturizing properties
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FIL Glow White Range

This whitening range is suitable for all skin types and aids in the achievement of healthy and radiant skin. Its gentle and effective formula treats your skin delicately without harming the epidermis and causing disruption to the natural PH balance. The ingredients work together miraculously to lighten and unify the skin, boosting your skin’s radiance and translucency within days.

Cleansing Milk for All Skin Types

  • Lightens and unifies skin, giving transparency and glow to complexion
  • Cleanses all traces of make-up, dull cells and impurities

Gentle Wash for All Skin Types

  • Gently dissolves keratin, while purifying and keeping skin free of bacteria
  • Moisturizes skin and helps to bind water in tissues

Refreshing Toner for All Skin Types

  • Purifies and keeps the skin surface free of dead skin cells
  • Refreshes, tones, soothes and moisturizes skin

Intense C-Cream for All Skin Types

  • Enhances metabolic rate and stimulates collagen production
  • Fights against premature ageing while softening wrinkles and fine lines

Gentle Exfoliating Cream for All Skin Types

  • Sloughs off dead skin cells and impurities without harming skin
  • Thoroughly oxygenates skin while stimulating superficial cell growth

Intensive Active White Essence for All Skin Types

  • Banishes unsightly skin discolorations
  • Dramatically refines and lightens complexion

Intensive Active White Cream for All Skin Types

  • Dramatically improves skin brightness and uniformity for a matte finish
  • Stabilizes melanin turnover and prevents UV damage
  • Optimizes skin’s moisture level

Hydrating Mask for Dry & Sensitive Skin

  • Deeply moisturizes the upper layers and provides immediate comfort to dry and sensitive skin
  • Invigorates skin tissues and fights against flabbiness and skin ageing
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FIL Intensive Regenerative Serum Range

An intensive renewal serum range for oily and blemished skin, this range helps to purify, balance and control your skin conditions. Formulated in concentrated serum form that allows for easy and fast absorption to the skin, FIL Intensive Renewal Serum range works to restore the natural beauty of your skin.

White & Black Heads Control Serum for Scarmarks & Oily Skin

  • Repairs scarmarks and clears white and black heads
  • Has a soothing effect on skin
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FIL Anti Ageing and Firming Range

Specially formulated to revive dry, matured and saggy skin, this range works to restore the skin’s vitality by strengthening cell activity and regenerate the skin’s elasticity. Achieve beautiful and moisturized skin in just weeks!

Radiance Revealing Day Collagen for Dry Skin Type

  • Vitamins A & E strengthen cell activity and rehydrate skin
  • Has moisturizing and firming effects

Age Delay Night Serum for Saggy & Mature Skin

  • Restores skin’s vitality and youthfulness
  • Slims and contours jaw line and minimizes appearance of double chin

Rejuvenate Base Serum for Dry & Mature Skin

  • Vitamin C reduces pigmentation, freckles and age spots
  • Acts as a non-greasy moisturizer to regenerate skin’s elasticity
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FIL Intensive Eye Repair Range

This effective range works hard to reduce dark circles, soften fine lines, moisturize and firm up the eye areas.

Lightening Eye Gel for All Skin Types

  • Instantly fades away dark circles while diminishing eye bags and swelling
  • Deeply moisturizes and calms skin while alleviating appearance of fatigue around eye contour
  • Delicate eye area is firmed up and lightened

Eye Contour Cream for All Skin Types

  • Works gently to prevent fine lines, reduce bags and swelling
  • Protects skin from environmental strains while repairing damaged tissues
  • Smoothes, soothes and softens delicate skin around eyes
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FIL Advanced Vitamin C Whitening Solution

Combating sun spots the natural way, the active Vitamin C inside lets you see fairer skin within days!

C-Intelligence Whitening Emulsion

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in a separate compartment lightens skin and reduces dark spots
  • Improves skin's natural defenses and encourages firmness by enhancing collagen production
  • Slows down premature ageing by preventing UV-induced free radical damages
  • Skin enjoys marked improvements in quality, appearance and feel
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FIL Botex-alike Optimum Age Defense Range

This range comes in effective concentrated forms to deliver the best results to mature and wrinkled skin. The ingredients in the products improve the appearance of mature skin by significantly decreasing the depth of fine lines. Your skin will be rejuvenated, moisturized, toned and firmed up, all at the same time.

Advanced Revital Serum for Mature & Wrinkled Skin

  • Effectively evens out lines for a smoother, more refined complexion
  • Infuses skin with moisturizing and nourishing agents to prevent dehydration
  • Effectively staves off free radicals to maintain skin’s defense capacities

Advanced Revital Cream for Mature & Wrinkled Skin

  • 24-hour smoothening for mature complexions
  • Improves appearance of mature skin by significantly decreasing depth of fine lines
  • Prevents oxidation of skin’s collagen and promotes collagen production
  • Defends skin from free radicals generated by UV rays and environmental pollutants
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FIL Body Range Cellulite Control & Toning Care

This range consists of revolutionary products that work to address common problems such as cellulite, fats under the skin and saggy skin. Each high performance product contains active ingredients that penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, into the epidermis to allow you to achieve lasting results!

Firming Cold Gel

  • Enriched with active firming ingredients
  • Tightens surface of skin and boosts cellular activity in the deeper layers
  • Prevents breakage of elastic fibers and breakdown of collagen so that vitality, elasticity and firmness are restored

Thermoactive Toning Cream

  • An effective skin booster which tones and energizes
  • Nourishes the driest skin, leaving a soft, delicate and silky veil on the surface

Cellulite Control Hot Gel

  • Boosts effective slimming results
  • Improves blood circulation and hence slims body contours as it controls and regulates release of fatty tissue deposits

Slimming Activator

  • Double-action gel that soothes skin and helps reduce fat by increasing metabolism
  • Contains 3 powerful botanical extracts that work synergistically to reduce cellulite, strengthen body tissues and promote blood circulation
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FIL Body Focus & Inch-loss Solution

This range of products combines the most active ingredients to minimise cellulite while firming, toning and sculpting your body. Shed off those unwanted inches right now!

Firming Gel

  • Stimulates natural firming process to help combat sagging and maintain the body’s curves
  • Detoxifies body tissues, reducing local fat deposits and puffiness
  • Improves production of collagen and enhances skin’s elasticity

Slimming Gel

  • Detoxifies body tissues, reducing local fat deposits and puffiness
  • Increases lymph drainage and promotes circulation
  • Has soothing and moisturizing effects

Cellulite Treatment Gel

  • Harmonizes and diminishes unattractive orange-peel effects induced by cellulite
  • Detoxifies tissues, reducing local fat deposits and puffiness
  • Increases lymph drainage and promotes circulation

Contour Fit Essential Oil

  • Has anti-blotch properties and harmonizes the silhouette by reducing imperfections
  • Contains active botanical ingredients that soothes, moisturizes, remineralizes and tones

De-Tox Essential Oil

  • Activates drainage, reduces tissue clogging and helps to detoxify tissues
  • Has anti-oxdizing, purifying, moisturizing, regenerative and toning effects

Body Whitening Cream

  • Contains mulberry extract and powerful UVB filter to give the body a uniformly lightened complexion
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